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The Song Rising – Samantha Shannon

the song rising cover

Summary of the Song Rising

Following a bloody battle against foes on every side, Paige Mahoney has risen to the dangerous position of Underqueen, ruling over London’s criminal population.

But, having turned her back on Jaxon Hall and with vengeful enemies still at large, the task of stabilising the fractured underworld has never seemed so challenging.

Little does Paige know that her reign may be cut short by the introduction of Senshield, a deadly technology that spells doom for the clairvoyant community and the world as they know it…

My opinion

You can find my reviews of the 1st and 2nd books in French

I prefer to say it from the start : I love the 3rd volume of the Bone Season. Everytime, Samantha Shannon manages to blow my mind. No wonder she is one of my favorite writers.

Dear, dear Paige

In the Song Rising, we follow Paige as the new Underqueen of London. What can I say except that I am absolutely in love with her? Okay, sometimes her recklessness can be irritating, as she is completely devoted to her cause to the point where she does not really care for her life.

She knows she has to make hard choices or sacrifices to fight Scion, I deeply admire her for her resilience. In this volume, she fights a terribly strategic enemy, I admit I feared for Paige during a great part of the book. Shannon’s writing is absolutely brilliant in these parts.

The plot

Shannon’s writing is not only good for the fight, but also for the plot. I can’t count how many times I was stunned and amazed during my reading. It’s really hard to stop once you begin the book.

There was no mind-blowing plot-twist as in the Mime Order for me, but  many revelations that allowed me to better understand the lore of the Bone Season. I must admit that Scion and what’s behind it frightens me a lot. I really wonder how the series will end, because Shannon keeps a good blur on the ending.

My conclusion on the Song Rising

As I said before, I’m deeply in love with the Bone Season and The Song Rising just strengthens the love I have for this series. Strong protagonists, morally grey characters, non-boring love story, fascinating and terrifying universe. Everything I like in a book !

Really, just read this series.


The Song Rising – Bloomsbury

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